Current Project

All of us

Sunday, June 19th 2022
2:30pm at the Cathedral of Saint Peter
200 W Harrison St,
Belleville, IL 62220


I. Give Good Gifts One to Another | Traditional Shaker Hymn
Wild Forces | Jake Runestad

II. Deal Gently With Thy Servants | Traditional Shaker Hymn
Malala | Joan Szymko
Eye for Eye | Shawn Kirchner

III. Encouragement | Traditional Shaker Hymn
Please Stay | Jake Runestad

IV. More Love | Traditional Shaker Hymn
When We Love | Elaine Hagenberg
I Love You/What a Wonderful World | arr. Craig Hella Johnson

V. Rights of Conscience | Shaker Song by Issachar Bates (1758-1837)
Light the World | Connor Koppin
America the Beautiful | arr. Shawn Kirchner

VI. All of Us | Craig Hella Johnson

Our Mission:

No-Name Chorale is dedicated to creating meaningful shared experiences through the art of choral singing and cultivating an appreciation of choral music by presenting fine-art music in an approachable, welcoming manner.